What’s Happening Now…

We would like to let you know about a change in the leadership at Promise Home Honduras.
Joana, our current Children’s Director, will be leaving us on January 1st, 2022, to go with her family to Canada where she and Armin will be attending the University. Four years ago, Joana came to our struggling children’s home. She was our fourth Director.   We will miss Joana and her family and want to express to her our great appreciation for her tireless work, leadership, and compassion for our children.
We are excited to have a new missionary couple at Promise Home.  Many of you know Jim and Sandra Murphy.  Jim and Sandra have been leading teams at Promise Home for many years.
Sandra will be our new Children’s Director and Jim will the Ministry and Missions Director.  We know that God has led them to us at this time in the life of Promise Home and hope that you will be praying for them as they transition into their new responsibilities.

Jim and I are taking over Promise Home, Honduras children’s home.

I will be the Director of the children’s home, taking care of the children’s physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs, and Jim will be Ministry and Missions Director. He will be training pastors and disciples, and church planting while hosting mission teams for outreach into our communities.

Jim has been serving in Honduras since 2002, and we have both been serving at Promise Home since it’s beginning with short term mission trips. We have prayed for this opportunity for many years. Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude that God would use us in this mighty way!

We understand this is a huge responsibility, and we can’t do it on our own. God is with us in this, and we pray you will be too!

Please pray for us, the kids of Promise Home, and the staff that help us raise the children. It takes a village to raise a nuclear family so you can imagine how important our village is to us to help us raise 13 YOUNG children!

If God would place it on your heart to join our village and give to the many needs, or lead you to come serve at Promise Home, short or long term, Please PM me.

Thank you for rejoicing with us for our ministry, and blessings to you all!! ❤️

Jim and Sandra


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