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Dateline: October 16, 2016

In October, we had two teams visit us here at Promise Home. The first team was from The Heights Church in Richardson Texas.  They wanted to focus on ministering to the people in our poor village.  They started by installing a roof on two homes. What an impact this had on these two families.

New Roof from Promise Home Mission Team

The Heights Church Mission Team to Promise Home

The team also wanted to give the small school in our village a library.  So they built two book shelves and gave them 140 new Spanish reading books.

Promise Home team gives the small school in our village a library.

140 new Spanish reading books

Wow, were the children excited!

Additional ministry projects included handing out food to poor families in our area and installing four pilas.

Promise Home Team Hands Out Food

Heights Team installs Pila.

The second team was led by Jim Murphy from Illinois.  Their project was to build a foot bridge over the Toyos River so that the children in the Aquagate village could cross the river safely.   There is an old bridge over the river that it is unstable. The new bridge will have to be built in two phases.  Jim’s team built the anchorage for the bridge. (The first phase)

Jim Murphy's team building foot bridge.

Jim Murphy's team for Promise Home

In addition to the bridge anchorage, the team installed four pilas in homes that were desperate for help.

4 Honduran families receive pilas from Promise Home Team

Promise Home Team provides pila.

Promise Home team builds pila for Family of 9

While we are installing the pilas, we get an opportunity to witness and pray for the families. These are families that are anxious to hear about Christ and his love.

We want the thank those that have been praying for Xiomara our cook.  She had gallstone removal surgery this week and is doing fine.

Xiomara, Promise Home Cook

We wanted to give you an update on Katie, our Auburn Marine Biologist.  We did not have the funds to buy her a four wheeler to get from her home to the fish area so she improvised by using a guard’s horse as transportation.  I think that she has gone native on us.

Katie, our Auburn Marine Biologist

These two teams are the last teams for 2016.  Next year our teams will have much more emphasis on ministry projects since we will have the Fowler family here to help lead the teams.  If you have been following our newsletters, you have seen the significant benefit a team has on the lives of families in our area.  Please help us minister to these people.

If your church is interested in sending a team or joining a team, please let us know by emailing me at bill.hayden@promisehome.org.




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