Campus Buildings

Eventually Promise Home will be home for 32 children and have a staff of over 20 people including full time missionaries. We will have over 15 buildings.

Children’s Village:

Children's Village

The Children’s Village will be home for 40 children and will be made up of six buildings total.  Today, we have five of the six buildings completed. This month we will start construction on the sixth building.

First Promise Home Casita

Today the first casita is home for twelve children and will be home for 16 children.

Promise Home Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is now complete.

Staff Offices and Preschool Classrooms

The Administration/Preschool building has offices for our staff and for three class rooms for our children.

Promise Home Guard House/ Front Gate

The Guard house and front entrance for the Children’s Village.

Promise Home Second Casita

The last building in our Children’s Village, the second Casita. Construction will be completed in 2018.  It will be home for another 16 children.

Ministry Area:

Promise Home Campus Church

We have remodeled our campus church.