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March 2019

After the second team left and completed the construction of the garden area, we had a team from the First Baptist Church in Frisco come to plant the garden.   There are a lot of unknowns in planting a garden in Honduras if you are from Texas. So the team planted a variety of vegetables and some herbs.

They did a great job at planting.  Now we will wait to see what vegetables will actually grow in our area.  Also we are not sure what vegetables will they like to eat.  We planted some okra knowing that no one here likes okra but we think that they have never had fried okra.

Our children are excited about picking the vegetables but not as excited about eating the vegetables.

In March, we had a youth team from the Heights Church in Richardson Texas visit us.

It is always fun to have a youth team here.  Lots of energy.  Since the team was so large, we divided the team up into groups.  One group painted the inside of the new casita and the outside of our administration building.

They painted the new garden shed, weeded the new garden and planted the rest of the garden area.

The team went to two schools and had a VBS program with a total of over 450 students.

On their last day the teams installed four pilas and were able to witness to their families.

Thanks to all of our teams and their leaders for helping us with these projects.


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