Dateline August 15, 2018

This month we had a mission team from the Heights church in Richardson, Texas. The team wanted to have an offsite ministry that would help children in our area. They decided to remodel a small single room elementary school adjacent to Promise Home’s property.  The Aquagate village is very poor.  The school has 30 students grades K through 6th .

The Heights' August 2018 Team

The team installed an insulated new ceiling, painted the school, installed fans and bought each student a new desk.  A lot of happy faces.

The team also wanted to have a VBS for the children. While some worked inside on the school, other team members head a VBS under the trees.

The Heights' VBS 8_2018

Heights Team VBS Kids 8_2018

One of the goals of the team was to minister to the community by handing out packages of beans and rice and installing pilas in the community.  Here the team is mixing the concrete to build a slab for a pila.

The Heights' Pila 8_2018

We also had Carolee Doty, a retired teacher from the Dallas area, visit us for a week.  Carolee’s passion is teaching children and developing methods to enhance their learning and comprehension skills. Wow, she was a great help to Joana, our children’s director, and the tias.

Carolee Doty Aug 2018

We just want to personally thank all of the people that have visited us at Promise Home this year to help Joana and the new tias as they set up the programs and methods to teach and care for our children.


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