Self-Sustaining Businesses

Tilapia Ponds – These ponds will provide fish to be sold in the local market. We have 41 ponds built with plans to build three additional large dirt ponds.


Tilapia Processing Building– This building was completed in 2011. It allows us to process up to 5,000 fish a day.


Hatchery- In 2016 we built a 12,000 sq ft. enclosed  hatchery.


African Palms – These trees provide palm oil for local companies to produce palm oil or bio-diesel.  In the fall of 2008, we planted 2,600 trees. The trees started producing in 2014 and will continue to produce until 2030.


Mangosteens – The fruit is high in antioxidants and are sought-after in the U.S. We have 1,000 trees planted.  The fruit will be ready for harvest in 2020 and will continue to produce until 2100.