The Foot

See that foot? Not the hoofer on the right…the little one on the left. That foot belongs to little Dari.

I had shared a prayer request about her earlier last week, so let me give you an update on the person who owns this foot (the cute one).

Dari does indeed have intestinal parasites. She is responding very well to the treatment. She is handling the pain extremely well. Praise the Lord!

Dari was extremely malnourished. Her little stomach was huge and was tight as a drum due to the malnutrition and the parasite. Her color was washed out and she was lethargic at best. Thanks to you guys and your support. We were able to get Dari to a wonderful doctor, get the proper medication to treat her parasitic condition, get the proper nutritional supplementation, and get her the hugs and love that she needed.

She is improving every day.

Dari has one of the sweetest dispositions I have ever encountered. When one of us walk into the casita where she lives now, she just beams a smile. She isn’t out of the woods yet.

Since Dari didn’t have a proper diet for so long, she is literally half the size that she is supposed to be for her age. We’re working with her…you can be assured of that. We will keep you updated as to her progress.

So, allow me to say a heartfelt “thank you” / “gracias” on her behalf!

Devotional side (you knew it was coming):

Take a look at the picture again, please. Use your Spirit-empowered imagination and think about that little foot as your foot. Think about that larger foot as God’s foot. The way that those two feet got into that position is because the smaller one was sitting in the lap of the larger one.

Aren’t you glad when God scoops you up in spite of parasites, malnutrition, etc and sits you in His lap? Remember the feeling of kind, loving words…without condemnation that came from Him? Remember the first time that you had the feeling, “God loves me. He really, really loves ME!”?

That’s what I see when I look at that picture.

We get to experience the Lord loving others through us as we cooperate with Him. We get to share the Lord with others in a manner that they understand…without condemnation…in spite of perceived deficiency, disease, or shortcomings.

We get to be the hands, feet, and hugs of Christ in lives that need them.

Today, make it a point to accomplish two things:

1) Take the time to sit down with our Lord and spend time with Him in prayer and in His Word. He’s waiting for some “God-and-I-Time”.

2) Take the time to sit down with another that needs to experience the love of the Lord in their lives. But, do it for His glory…not just for a spiritual spasm or an ecumenical exercise.

Oh, and do what mom said to do: wash your feet!