Dateline June 24, 2021

This year Honduras has struggled to recover from Covid and the two November 2020 hurricanes.

Despite these challenges, it has been a good year for us.  Since the schools were closed after March, we hired Mrs. Brenda to continue to teach our children. She will also be teaching our six PreK children when school restarts in August.

To help the After School children’s families, we continue handing out a food and supply package every other month until the children are allowed back in their classrooms.

If you or your church are planning a mission trip in 2022, we would like to introduce you to our ministry’s opportunities for next year.


Build a bridge over the Naranja river.  This large river cuts our village in half.   The previous bridge was destroyed by the 2020 hurricanes.

After School Program:

The After School Program should start up again in Feb of 2022 if Honduras school children are allowed to attend school at that time.   We will need help at starting the program again. This involves meeting with the existing 44 parents who had children in the program to sign up their children.  We will also need help at signing up new families in our area.

Early Childhood Development Program:

A problem in Honduras is poor nutrition especially for young children.  We would like to have a team teach the parents in our community and in surrounding areas the value of nutrition, and its impact on early childhood development.

Start our 50-Laying Hen Operation for our Children:

The hen house has been built, we need to purchase the hens and teach our children how to care for the hens and to collect the eggs.

Garden Projects:

We need a team to build eight large garden beds and to plant the ¼ acre garden area.

Ministry Projects:

We always have a need for clothing drives, medical dental teams and VBS teams.

If you or your church are interested in sending a team in 2022, please contact Promise Home.

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