Dateline January 15, 2018

What’s Happening Now

Today we have ten children that are about 18 months old and two that are four years old.  We want to prepare the three classrooms in our learning center so that we can start an educational program for our children in the learning center.

In January, we had Ronnie Bivans from The First Baptist Church in Frisco Texas come to Promise Home for two weeks.


He built seven cubby cabinets, four book shelves and a playscape for the children.

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February was a very busy month with three teams.  First, we had a small dental team from Richardson Texas.  The team was lead by Michael Black and included his son and dentist Mark Denny.  They treated over 60 people in our community.

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We also had a construction team from Kentucky lead by Jonathan Ayer and another team with Jim and Sandra Murphy. The teams painted a wall in our children’s village, added three rooms to our church and installed additional lights in our hatchery.

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