Dateline April 1, 2018

In March we had a youth team from The Heights Church in Richardson Texas.  It was a large team of 42 people so we had a lot of opportunities to serve.

The team was able to have two VBS programs. One VBS program with the children at the Promise Home church and another with over 700 children at a local school.

The team was also able to paint the remodeled church and the After School building.

In December our area had a flood and the flood caused a mud slide on the north end of our property.  Part of the team was able to build the steel cages to be used to repair the mud slide.

We were excited to start construction on the second casita.  When it is completed this year, we will be able to help provide for 32 children.

God has blessed Promise Home this year with teams and the funding to build the second casita.

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