After-School Program


In Honduras only 15% of the children actually enter the seventh grade. There are two primary reasons. The parents do not understand or stress to their children a need for education and the educational system is marginal.

Promise Home is located in the small village of El Portillo where over 25% of the adults are unemployed and most are uneducated. There is a small school located in our village that has about fifty children in the K-6th grade.

Promise Home After School Program Students

In June of 2016, we started an after school program that encourages the children to stay in school, tutor the children and exposes the children and their parents to Christ. The students use the Compassion International educational materials and program.

So, on Thursday and Fridays about 60 children walk to Promise Home where we provide a lunch and a two and a half hour tutoring program.




Before we started the first day of class, we visited each parent in their home explaining our program, our passion for keeping their child in school and our love for Christ.

It is a great program that we hope will help us transform our community.  Will you help us help these children?

You can help with your prayers, bring a team to minister to the children or donate.

Helping with Promise Home After School Program

It cost about $37 a month per child to provide food, education and school clothing. 100% of what you give will go to this program for meals, education and school clothing for the children.

If you would like to help, please scroll down to the gift options below.


Bill Hayden


Our After School program is thriving and having a lasting impact on the lives of about 100 children and their families in the El Portillo Honduras area. In addition to mentoring & tutoring we are privileged to minister to these children in significant ways.

Monthly Gift Options:

One Time Gift Options:

Our Preschool & After School Children:

  • Receive a nutritious meal every day they are on the Promise Home Campus;
  • Have access to educational materials, games and other tools to improve their learning skills;
  • Have our teachers and mentors who truly love and care for and about them and their families;
  • Learn about and see the demonstrated love of Jesus in everything we do;

… and so much more!

We are on schedule to start our Preschool Program as soon as funding is available. Our Preschool building is ready and waiting to minister to these precious children! We anticipate 30 or more children, age 5 and younger, to be ministered to in this program.

It costs about $37 per month – $450 per year – for each child in our After School Program & each child we expect to have in our Preschool Program. Will you help share the love of Jesus to these children and their families? If God burdens your heart to do so … you can have direct lasting impact on these young lives.

Please pray about what God would have you do and respond accordingly. The leadership team of Promise Home thanks you sincerely for caring for the children God has brought to us!